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The procedures reported in the chemical literature are often from research laboratories. The researchers report either new materials or new procedure for making a very small amount of materials. In order for these materials to be commercially introduced, the specific materials have to be made in larger scale at a relatively cheaper cost. The intermediate stage requires optimization of process development and synthetic routes for gram to kilogram quantities. To get to that scale-up point, synthetic procedures have to be optimized for economic scale up.

Polyorganix can help you in producing materials in this intermediate stage. We fill the void in order to bring in reasonable amount of material in the market in a relatively short period of time at a reasonable cost.

We would also make the structural analogs for screening in biotech fields. At Polyorganix, we would modify the existing synthetic routes to make host of structural analogs, which are often required.

We would write and validate the whole procedure for GMPs manufacturing process. Polyorganix entertains any request for organic synthesis, custom synthesis and scale-up.

Custom synthesis: Multi-step organic synthesis.

Structural analogs for screening: Our facilities and expertise is particularly suitable for providing novel materials needed for synthetic routes for pharmaceutical and biotech firms.

Develop new synthetic routes Pharmaceutical intermediates, analogs and bio-active materials Process and product optimization amenable to GMPs scale-up.

Analytical method development for GMPs compliance.

Natural product isolation and synthesis.


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