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Polyorganix is a chemical laboratory and service company. We are located in Houston, Texas. We do general organic synthesis in small to medium scale. Our flexibility and versatility allows us to undertake projects, which may require extensive research and development. Polyorganix has a staff of Ph.D. Chemists with an average of 25 years of industrial and academic experience in organic synthesis, polymers, natural product isolation and characterization.

We would undertake projects for biotech and pharmaceutical companies for producing synthetic analogs for screening, and developing scale-up methods for GMPs compliance. We make structural analogs for screening in various biotech and pharmaceutical applications. At Polyorganix, we take pride in developing economically feasible scale-up process.

Our expertise in synthesis allows us to develop specialty monomers and follow it through, to make the polymers. We can combine our experience in organic synthesis and polymer areas to complete projects starting from monomer synthesis to polymerization for application optimization.

We have staff with considerable experience in natural product isolation guided by bio-assays. Once the product is isolated from the natural sources, we would establish the structure, validate analytical methods and devise synthetic methods.


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